Monday, November 19, 2007

Report Of the Protest

To protest against the act of barbarity at Nandigram, we came together to answer the performance of brutality through the performance of creativity - to answer violence with poetry, music and art; to return gunfire with candlelight. We, artists and performers, assembled in front of the Gandhi statue on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore, at 14:00 on Sunday, 18/11/'07, and said "NO" through a series of performances - musical, spoken word, street theatre, installation art, etc. up to 8.00 pm. Messages from Medha Patkar, author Nabarun Bhattacharya and poet Joy Goswami were read out. There was a 'backward march' to symbolize the regression into fascism. There were spontaneous marches all around M G Road, brigade road, and church street. The event culminated in a hundred-strong mass carrying burning candles and chanting 'No more Nandigrams' to the tune of 'We Shall Overcome' at 8:00 PM. Overall, there were more than two hundred people from all walks of life – ranging from IT professionals, scientists and professors to students, advertising professionals and doctors, who came forth and became a part of the protest demonstration. Here is a report of the demonstration in The Hindu:

Here are some of the photographs from the protest. You can find some more at