Monday, November 12, 2007

Bangalore Protesting Nandigram

Nov 2007
Bangalore Protesting Nandigram

People from all walks of life protested against the fresh violence at Nandigram.

Ranging from scientists, professors, IT Personnel, Theater personalities, Showbiz people and students participated in a "Sit-Down" at Brigade Road, Bangalore. The protest, under the banner of "MASUM" (Manabadhikar Suraksha Manch) ran for six hours. A lot of local people inquired about the issue in the gathering.

The news is covered in Hindu on 12 Nov
and Anand Bazar Patrika on 13 Nov.


Kirity said...

Congrat to the friends of Bangalore. Your stand for humanity encourage other section of society. Remember about 30,000 people are now under the open sky in front of Nandigram police station, without food, without shelter. Killings still are going on at Sonachura and other points. CRP jawans could not enter Nandigram yet. Still roads are blocked by the hooligans with automatic rifles. Those goons are hailing red flags. Police is force are only 'watching" the situation. Actually they are waiting till teritorry is occupied fully as per instruction. Many people are missing. Many women are complaining of gang rape. Today's General strike is a complete success. "Nirabata ekhan aparadh"----kirity

Debamalya said...

This face of state sponsored and supported terror was unexpected from our ‘cultured’ government. But by now, the people of West Bengal know that this government is equally skilled at organizing an international film festival and a ‘quest for the lost land’ (Of course a mass movement!). They have every right to take away 200+ (14th march statistics excluded) innocent lives to re-establish law and order. After all, all these are for a better Bengal!
We are shocked; the silent feeling of eeriness is surrounding us. But alas! We are at a distance of 2000 km, at Bangalore. But we all can do our bit by networking. Let's spread the news by mail and this blog. Let our voice reach the people of Nandigram as well as the once around the world protesting the massacre.

ushmi said...

Are the events being covered by the local newspapers or TV channels? Keep up your efforts!

Riv said...

In last few days' incidents(rather I should say "a tremendous accident") which has happened in the village "Nandigram", I would like to quote a phrase excerpted from novel named "1984" of George Orwell..."War is Peace--Freedom is Slavery--Ignorance is Strength".
Seriously speaking this kind of attitude has been expressed from the party commandoes of the ruling party of the state West Bengal.

I feel ashamed that when somebody asks me in the office that "hey what is happening in your state man...." I have to remain silent with a dumb smile...because I know what kind pathetic situation has arrived.

I am surprised that the state administration(irrespective of the party's political agenda) behaved quite awkwardly and shamefully with its fellow citizens both in the city and in the village.

The top most hiererchy of he party commandoes of the ruling party(MAJOR) is behaving like a child(new born), giving a disgusting statement of blaming other party's responsibility. Now question arises what you are doing....because you are ruling party and you are running the state. So we are to believe that your administration is such "stupid" or "highly reluctant" to solve any kind of tensed situation and indulging people to involve in clash like "a civil war". As all these party commandoes are elected through the people's verdict so why they are unable to take the responsibility.

What I believe, this Nandigram issue which recently again got flared up just like a fire in Jungle, is a deliberate attempt to dissolve the issue of "Rizwanur murder case". Already CBI started investigating the issue and it was obvious that some big shots would be under arrest. Just to save those fellows the ruling party simply created a tyrannical terrorizing activity and to draw the entire attention of the media as well as the public to get engrossed into the situation like this.

This is highly unacceptable incident ever possible in mankind. It is as shameful as the incident happened in China in the year 1989 at Tienanmen Square.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has followed the Nandigram controversy and is appalled by the loss of lives, here are a few comments at being equally apalled by the hypocrisy cutting across party lines. The dead in Nandigram, be it CPM or BUPC, have gone in vain. It is now the season for people to jump on to the bandwagon to be seen as politically correct and "mahan". viz, Mousumi CHatterjee rejecting a "lifetime award" which apparently had never been intended to be given to her. What a joke ! Here are the comments :

- it is perhaps extremely unfortunate for the state of WB that the Chemical Hub could not be explained to the people in the region and a policy could not be worked out for compensation for land. Such a hub would have contributed enormously to the economy of the region and the state

- that CPM is losing the media war is clear from reports and the blogs. No one can support the actions in the past few days, but it is a valid question that where was this outrage, where was MAUSAM when 1500+ people were driven out of their home and hearth and made to stay in refugee camps from March till November ? Surely that is an equal violation of human rights ? The lack of any protest (apart from CPM which was dismissed by most) is surprising. Just as CPM is talking of "amader lok" the media and the blogs seem to be doing the same.

- It seems that this is the season to be a part of civil society. That seems to mean that we do whatever we do (sakale office, bikele phastinasti aar raate mombati) and at the end of the day light a candle to protest. I am glad that the Bengali intellectuals faced the brunt of police lathicharge. They have been shameless supporters of CPM and they deserved every bit of every lathi that hit them.

Hoping for peace in Nandigram and hoping that sanity returns.

As I do not have a google account and am not a blogger, am using the anonymous option