Monday, November 19, 2007

Bangalore Protest Through Arts Against Nandigram Massacre

Join the protest-through-arts

against the massacre at Nandigram

on Sunday, 18/11/’07,

2:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Gandhi statue, MG Road, and pavement in front of Cauvery Emporium, MG-Brigade crossing)

Mail:, Or call
9845820971 (Arundhati), 9902989764 (Kallol), 9880966313 (Arka)

Or leave your contacts in the form of a comment on this post
(Latest by Friday afternoon)
Check for a chronological history of events

This is a protest through the performance/visual/and contemporary arts. You could play a role by putting up performances/street art/installation/collaborative happenings (poetry-art-movement)/any form of artistic expression, or by coming with innovative posters, paintings, digital art, etc.

However, there will be no sloganeering or promotion of political ideology or organizational banners
Please do pass on this link to your contacts and the media. Help spread the word.


Ray said...

This is a good move. This just shows just how noational the issue of Nandigram is in the country. Though the happenings date back to Jan 2006 last year, and there had been a deafening silence since then- it is good to learn that people are finally becoming aware. This isn' just about Nandigram. The entire country must stand up and oppose this gruesome act.

Anonymous said...

Brutal? yes. Medieval... hardly. Nandigram is profoundly modern. The state waging war against "its own people" is hardly primitive and should hardly surprise anyone. An egg on the face of everyone who even remotely identifies as a Marxist. As Foucault says it is time for neither hope not despair... just look for new weapons! Perhaps take that egg off of your face, poach it and eat it so you can think harder about what to say and do.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I was there at the venue of this protest.....I did click a few pics of the protest. Please let me know if you need the pics. i have some nice pics which I would like to pass on to you people if you need them....We all should protest against the gruesome attack...
you can contact me on

Arvind Shenoy - Freelance Photographer, Bangalore

Anonymous said...